3 Ways to Make Your Website Work for You

Are you paying for a website that's collecting dust?

Start getting the most out of your website with these three tips:

1. Include your website link in EVERY social media post.

Followers should not have to leave your post to visit the "About" section or profile of your social media page to know your website exists. Always make your website one-click-away, or easily accessible. This is easier to do on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, considering that Instagram does not allow hyperlinks in captions. With Instagram, it is okay to have "link in bio" somewhere in the caption, but if all users see is "link in bio" without visiting your profile, they may never find out what the link in your bio is. So, you'll still want to type out your link in each Instagram post's caption just in case.

On another note, if you have multiple links, consider creating a hidden page (so it doesn't appear on your website's menu) on your website with all the links (use buttons) as opposed to relying on platforms like Linktr.ee. As useful as such platforms are, you may have to pay or upgrade to remove their branding or to customize links. Not only is it more personable to use your own site, but if someone changes their mind about clicking a link, they'll see your website menu and may want to browse your site! It's important to keep your website in the forefront as a launching pad for visitors to refer back to. If you want to go an extra mile, consider including a brief welcome note and photo on the (hidden) links page. Remember: The page will be hidden from your website's menu, but not to those who access it through the hyperlink on other platforms. An example is www.bygracenp.com/links

2. Don't require extra work from your visitors.

If followers come from social media to your website, then have to search for your contact information and reach out to learn about what you do, they will likely jump ship after visiting your website. It is counter-productive to send people to a website that has no clear information about what you offer or how to get in touch with you. Here are two easy options to consider:

Option 1: Set up your online store and/or booking through the website for people to purchase and schedule without having to leave your site.

Option 2: Simply list your services or products on a landing page (with pricing, if applicable), and have a contact form underneath.

3. Encourage email subscription in the footer and in a lightbox.

This is a great way to keep visitors updated on your services, products, or events without them having to remember to visit your site regularly. Instead of expecting them to come to you, you go to them! Social media algorithms aren't getting any less complicated and most people may not even see your post. So, here you are posting away, even scheduling in advance, for only a handful of people to see. It can be frustrating from your end because it looks like no one is paying attention to your posts or that no one wants to support. In reality, your post may not appear on their timelines until a few days later, if that. Of course, you should keep posting and being consistent on social media, but remember: email marketing reaches the recipient every time. The great thing about marketing is that it doesn't have to be either-or; it can be both and. Don't ditch social media for emailing; do both. Set up automations, create lists, tags, etc. and see what works best for your brand!

P.S. If you have a contact form or email list for multiple things, consider the "double opt-in" feature.

These are three of many ways your website can work for you!


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