I once described my husband as a lion tamer. You know, like those guys in the circus? The ones who are trapped in a cage with this ferocious lion and all they have in their possession is a stool and a whip?  However it happened, he must’ve ticked off the lion and had to find some way to make it out of the cage alive.

Only, when I was describing him as this courageous and daring lion tamer, I was also referring to myself as the lion. Not this bold, beautiful, graceful lion. I said this because there are times when I see myself as the aggressive spouse whereas he is so patient and loving. As I was highlighting his strengths, I managed to also place a spotlight on my weaknesses.

Grace is knowing when to extend it and also when to receive it.

Having two completely different communication styles, love languages, upbringings, and sets of baggage can make conflicts within a marriage pretty interesting. You may have an off day. That’s fine. It doesn’t make you some dangerous animal that should be avoided at all cost. On those days, your spouse may use his stronger traits to make the day right again. There are many days when your husband will need you to tame a situation in order to gain a loving outcome. And because God ordained you both to be together, you are more than capable to take charge and help you and your husband get out of the cage when he cannot.

Because you are one team. 

Marriage is not some cage fight between an animal and its master. 

Marriage is a constant reflection of the unconditional love that Christ displayed for us.

God’s love is the very essence of grace. Giving us something that we had no business getting. Yet, through His love for us, He gives it to each of us anyways.

Grace within marriage is choosing to love your spouse (and yourself) despite those seasons that make you feel like you’re stuck in a cage. It’s choosing to love your spouse for their strengths while also not attacking your weaknesses. Grace is fighting for the good of the team rather than to fight against one another. Grace is the mold that will allow you and your husband to love freely in matrimony just as God designed it all along.


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