The C3 Formula: Customer Service, Communication, and Consistency

The foundation of your business starts with the formula: customer service, communication and consistency. These three principles assist with the success of the business or organization. Let's take a deeper look at each pillar...

Customer Service

The people who support your business keep the relevancy and revenue going. One company that has mastered the art of customer service is Chick-fil-A. One principle this company adheres to is “creating a lasting experience.” That lasting experience includes getting your name and order, and creating a dialogue that shows you as the customer that they care. When we take this principle and apply it to our businesses, we will, too, have “raving fans” as Chick-fil-A states in their mission.

We ultimately want to create a tribe of people that not only support the business but become like family.

How do we do this?

1. Follow up with customers after they purchase.

2. Connect with them on social media and develop opportunities to share in “real life moments.”

3. Always offer an incentive (deal, sale, special offer).


“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” - Nat Turner

Let us consider the platform, Fiverr. I want to speak on two experiences that exemplify how good communication can truly bridge our messages into one or into confusion. In scenario one, I requested services for a resume update. The consultant understood what I needed after a few messages and the order was complete in the time frame given. I was highly satisfied. In scenario two, I requested services for a logo. This consultant did not fully understand the concept I was explaining, and it led to the order being incorrect. After about a day or two of messaging, the order was mildly satisfactory. I made it a point to choose a different consultant the next time I needed that service.

What is my point?

The experience will show you if you want to exchange again. I repeat, the experience affects the exchange. If you want the customer or client to come back, make sure the experience makes it worth an exchange.


“It’s not always the best business that prevails. It’s the business that’s willing to be consistent through trial and error in order to become the best.” - Quinton Baker

Apple is one of the most consistent companies in the world, in my opinion. I say this because of their products, updates, and the growing need for technology. When your business is consistent, you meet the needs of the people. It pays to be relevant because of the changing times. We must be in a mindset to always advance forward. Apple products make business easy and on the go.

Now, let us relate this to our business. We must be focused on making the necessary changes to present our business as “consistent.” That may look like keeping your prices consistent and not changing each week or each month. Another perspective could be if you are open five days a week, make sure those days and times match on any platform someone may look up. Remain consistent at all times.

Overall, customer service, communication and consistency will help to expand your reach in 2021. Make the best out of this year and in the words of my wife, “PIVOT YOUR BUSINESS MINDSET”.

Quinton Baker is the CEO of Global Resolutions Consulting and Co-Founder of The Black Owned Network. Connect with Quinton on Instagram: @ambassadorqb