The Three Most Important Steps in Building A Website

While there is no microwavable shortcut for building an effective website, there are strategies that take some of the time and pain away.

Getting support can help you understand what to do and help you avoid expensive mistakes.

So, if you’re building a website...

Here are strategies you can implement right away!

Step 1: Identify your website goals.

Why do you need it?

What do you want people to do when they visit? What is your most important call to action (CTA)? (i.e. purchase from online store, sign up for online course, book an online service, subscribe to your podcast, etc.)

BGNP's rule of thumb: Figure out what you want from your website visitors, and once you know, don't make them guess.

The last thing you want is for visitors to wander around the site and leave not knowing how they could support you or your brand. Having clear CTA's minimizes frustration for you and your visitors.

Choose a primary goal, then break it down into smaller goals you will implement throughout your site. See examples in Step 3.

Step 2: Choose a website hosting platform and secure a domain.

And don't forget the privacy policy! All websites are required to have one by law. Rocket Lawyer is a great tool if you don't have one!

Step 3: Build your website around your goals.

Listed below are several tips based on the CTA's mentioned above!

E-Commerce Websites

CTA: Shop Now, Get __% Off, BOGO Sale

  • Include CTA button at the top of the home page.

  • Create a lightbox to appear on all pages with:

- Email sign up to receive a discount on selected products (Set up automated email to be sent

to new subscribers with a code they can use right away!)

- Featured products or "What's New"

Podcast Websites

CTA: Listen Now, Subscribe Now, or Join the List

  • Include CTA button at the top of the home page.

  • Consider a landing page instead of a multi-paged website if you do not have a blog or merch.

  • Include links to all streaming platforms on the site.

  • Include a section for reviews from Apple Podcasts or the podcast's Facebook page.

  • If you have merch, consider setting up an online store through the platform or integrating TeeSpring, Printful, Printify, Shopify, etc.

  • Consider an email subscription form for visitors who would like email notifications each time a new episode airs.

  • Create a lightbox that promotes the latest episode and encourages visitors to sign up for email list.

  • Consider starting a blog to discuss in more detail topics addressed on the show, highlight key takeaways, or for show notes.

  • Consider a "Meet the Guests" page like MSE's here.

  • See MSE Podcast's main page here.

Service-Based Websites

CTA: Book Now, Browse Services, Get Started Today

  • Consider a landing page or 2-page site

  • Include CTA button at the top of the homepage

  • Introduce business on homepage

  • Include an about page or section to introduce yourself and/or the team

Do you have a podcast, online store, services, plus more?

No worries! Browse BGNP's site, starting with the home page, for an example of how you can express and blend multiple dimensions of your brand! You can still identify a main call to action and have more subtle CTA's throughout the site on their respective pages (i.e. "Listen Now" on podcast page; "Shop Now" on store page; "Book Now" on services page). Lightboxes are GREAT for multi-dimensional brands, as you can create lightboxes with announcements or forms to appear only for certain pages.

And if you really want to speed things up with support, book a strategy session, website audit consultation, web design consultation, or register for the Building A Virtual Home 1-1 Course.

Here’s to making life a little easier!


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