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Author of her debut book, It is Well, Kayleon Dortch-Elliott lives in North Carolina with her husband and children. As CEO of Write on the Margin Publishing, LLC, her mission is to meet Christians in the margins of faith and everyday life. Through her words, she strives to underline a faith that was never meant to be abstract. and has over a decade of writing experience. Alongside her writing, she has been invited to speak as a keynote, panelist, podcast guest, minister, and more. 


Kayleon holds a Master of Theological Studies degree from Regent University and was named the School of Divinity's Outstanding Graduate for the program. Presently, she is pursuing an M. S. in Psychology degree.


If you like inspiring yet thought-provoking messages on Christian faith and spirituality, you'll love her work. 


You can learn more about Kayleon and sign up for the Notes in the Margin Newsletter at 

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