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Christ-Follower. Wife. Mommy. Author. Speaker. Lifelong Learner. Avid Reader. Arts Appreciator. Unashamed Empath. Laughter Lover.

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Here's a little about me:

I am married to my best friend, Andre, and we are the proudest parents of two sweet girls!


My debut book, It is Well: Generational Faith That Never Runs Dry, was released on November 1, 2023. As CEO of Write on the Margin Publishing LLC, my mission is to meet Christians in the margins of faith and everyday life. With my words, I strive to underline a faith that was never meant to be abstract.

Growing up in a religious household, I witnessed firsthand the profound impact of faith and spirituality on individual well-being and dynamics within a community. This inspired me to study the intersection of psychology and theology, focusing on how they work together to promote growth, healing, resilience, and life satisfaction.

In 2021, I earned a Master of Theological Studies degree from Regent University and was named the School of Divinity's Outstanding Graduate for the MTS program. The program equipped me with an extensive foundation, covering diverse subjects such as biblical criticism, spiritual formation, hermeneutics, church history, Christian teachings, and systematic theology. It provided me with skills for theological research, writing, and teaching, cultivating a passion for practical theology and marketplace ministry. My master’s thesis, Marginalization and the Eschatological Significance of Justice in Matthew 25, explored the importance of how we treat our neighbors, the eschatological importance of human service, and how our interpretation of ‘the least of these’ influences modern theology, Christian doctrine, and evangelistic efforts.

Presently, I am a candidate for the M. S. in Psychology degree and proud member of Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology.


It is my personal conviction that God accomplishes His will through creation, including the sciences, and a faith-filled life is not one opposed to reason. If our goal as Christians is to promote evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual formation, we must be willing to meet individuals where they are—whether in moments of joy or despair, celebration or grief, doubt or certainty. In order to achieve this goal, it is imperative that Christians have a holistic understanding of humanity, taking into consideration human behavior, cognitive processes, and developmental stages, as well as the formation and development of personal theology. Our worldviews are influenced by both our theology and psychological makeup, shaping how we see and engage with the world and the people in it. Thus, integration is the goal and at the heart of my pursuits.

My experiences in business, education, marriage, motherhood, and ministry have all contributed to the unique perspective and base from which I approach diverse topics. I am blessed to have found my voice at a very young age (I have the home videos to prove it, haha), and it has been a beautiful journey exploring how it can be used to connect, inspire, advocate, and educate no matter the space I find myself in.

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I am proud to be a

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