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Kayleon Dortch-Elliott

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One Day at a Time

30-Day Devotional.

Sometimes the cares of this world can distort our view of God and make us feel that maybe He does abandon us when things get hard. Some of us, like Job, find ourselves looking either where we're used to finding Him or where it would make sense for Him to be, only to discover that He's not there. Or is He? The lens of frustration, disappointment, distrust, and unforgiveness can hinder us from seeing God, who is always at work in our lives and situations, rightly. So, then, we must shift our perspectives and determine to keep our eyes on Him. The ultimate goal of the One Day at a Time: Remaining in Step devotional is to remind readers every day in some way that God never loses control, His thoughts and ways are beyond what we can fathom, and that He is more than able to lead us safely on this earthly journey. In the midst of constant pressure to lag behind or run ahead, God gracefully encourages us to remain in step, though no matter the pace, He remains our faithful Shepherd.

Ordinary Oneness

Anthology. Chapter: "Still One"

At the end of the day, we all desire to be known. However, many of us find ourselves in community without a healthy awareness of what it is and what it is not. In my chapter, “Still One,” I shed light upon the beauty and beast found in community as well as ways to overcome the barriers that keep us from it. To truly engage in community, we first have to be honest, and so, I have decided to start the conversation.


The 45-Day Keepsake Journal

For NICU Mamas.

I was inspired by my family's experience in the NICU after giving birth prematurely (almost 3 months early) in 2019. Becoming an advocate for integrated family NICU care was nowhere in my plans, but after spending 43 days with our daughter in the NICU, I knew something had to be done to support other moms and families. In the Fall of 2019, I created The 45-Day Keepsake Journal for NICU Mamas, which has been internationally recognized, donated to, and purchased by various organizations to include: Colourful Beginnings (UK), Medical Moms of NICU (Arkansas), Them Too Foundation (Maryland), Oliver's Little Warriors (Missouri), Mommy's Miracle by Little Palms Press (Florida), and Christmas in the NICU (Utah). Related product: Your Week Planner for NICU Moms

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Tune in to the podcast.

Misconceptions and stereotypes often keep us from fully embracing one another in community. Join Kayleon and her guests in their efforts to eliminate taboo, break stigmas, raise awareness, normalize hard conversations, and inspire listeners to start the discussion with those around them. With dedicated listeners from over 16 countries, MSE is an internationally-recognized podcast and community facilitating conversations necessary for growth, transformation, healing and genuine community.

"Amazing devotional! Hands down one of the best and most relevant devotionals that ministers to the whole person (not just one facet of life)! I highly recommend One Day at a Time! You will not be disappointed!"

"Beautiful devotional written in the author’s personal darkest hours that will speak to anyone who is going through a difficult time of struggle or heartache. I believe this was divinely inspired and that God will use this to speak to so many, especially during this difficult year, and many years to come! Congrats, Kayleon, on your newest creation, and thank you for modeling a bold example of staying faithful in hard times!"


"There is nothing ordinary about the stories contained in Ordinary Oneness. This beautiful compilation of poignant stories is part spiritual guidebook, part celebration, part entertainment. In today’s world of hustle and strive, this book offers the kind of perspective that reminds us of what life is all about. There is something extraordinary about every life, and everyday within that life. You’ll have a hard time seeing your life in the same way after experiencing the unique stories that unite us all in our Ordinary Oneness."

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I am proud to be a

Godly Cru was founded on the mission to plant, water, and nourish. We believe that God plants small seeds of faith in our lives that bloom into a life-changing relationship with Him. We aim to help plant those seeds in others through the simple statements of faith that we profess in our designs.

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The mission of Seek Jesus Co is to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout the world, while supporting those on the mission field. Our brand strives to provide high-quality Christian apparel for believers and followers of Christ. Let your clothing start a conversation!

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