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This is the podcast you didn't know you needed.

Maybe you:


  • have never had someone hold space for you.

  • had an opportunity to share your story, but you were bombarded with unsolicited advice, brushed off with 'at least', or simply interrupted before you could finish. Oh, and don't mention someone following up with an 'it could be worse' story of their own.

  • find yourself feeling alone or wishing 'people would just understand.

You're not the only one, and quite frankly, we're all tired of it. Tired of beating around the bush, surface-level conversations, and blaming biases and stereotypes on misunderstanding when we rarely ever create the space to understand.

So, here we are.


There are conversations we may never have the opportunity to hold with people who look, think, act, and live differently than we do. The goal of MSE is to facilitate these sometimes difficult conversations so that we no longer have an excuse not to engage in community empathetically. In these episodes, I offer no advice... just a listening ear and follow-up questions for the sole purpose of gaining understanding.


Misconceptions and stereotypes often keep us from fully embracing one another in community. Along with my guests, I hope to eliminate taboo, break stigmas, raise awareness, normalize hard conversations, and inspire everyday listeners to start the discussion with those around them. With dedicated listeners from over 16 countries, MSE is an internationally-recognized podcast and community facilitating conversations necessary for growth, transformation, healing and genuine community.

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When I read the title of this podcast, I will admit my curiosity was stirred. I listened to about four episodes and I found this podcast to be quite enjoyable, clean, crisp with a variety of informative guests from all walks of life. I found the host giving this podcast a casual yet professional tone with each episode. Your host, Kayleon, wonderfully strives to bring delicacy and compassion to the guests who answer the hard questions of life. Thank you Kayleon for bringing life and awareness to the taboos and stigmas, so these topics can reveal the normalcy of some people’s lives. I highly encourage my readers to tune into My Sentiments Exactly Podcast every week!


Gloria Hass, Arizona Listener & Blogger

Kayleon is such an incredible human being to listen to and interviews her guests with such intentionality and grace. It’s clear that she really, really cares about other people’s stories, not only from how she speaks about hard topics with such care and truth but also in the fact of her making a whole podcast to shed light on shadowed subjects. I am so thankful this podcast EXISTS.


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